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Exemplification Essay: A Complete Guide

An exemplification essay is similar to argumentative and persuasive essays. However, the essay writer has to provide solid examples to prove their point of view. This type of essay is written with the sole purpose of proving something. 

Writing a great exemplification essay is not difficult if you follow some steps. The following are the steps that you should follow and create a well-written essay. 


Choose a Great Topic

For a good essay, you need a great essay topic. The essay topic should be according to the audience’s interest and level of knowledge. When you choose the essay topic, consult your teacher and get approval from them. You can also visit the write my essay service for the essay topics.


Conduct Extensive Research

The more you research, the more easily you write a great essay. However, make sure the sources you used for data collection should be reliable and authentic. 


Create an Essay Outline

An outline makes your writing phase easy and simple. The outline is the key component of a great essay. Without creating it, you will never make a great essay. You can also get help from the paper writing service writers and create a well-written essay outline.


Write the Thesis Statement 

The thesis statement contains the main core of the essay. It should be written in a way that covers the main purpose of the essay. Also, it includes in the introduction and conclusion section. 


Write the Introduction

The introduction is the main part of the essay. In the introductory part, the writer introduces the topic to the readers. Also, provide some background information with the thesis statement.


Write the Body Paragraphs

The essay body paragraphs contain important information about the topic. It should also include the relevant examples related to the essay topic. However, if you face any confusion, you can ask someone to write essay for me.


Write the Conclusion

The conclusion is the last section of the essay. In the concluding section, the writer concludes the essay in 2-3 lines without adding new information or ideas. Try to make it strong and leave a good impression on the readers.



Proofread is also an important part of the essay. In this stage, you will remove all the errors and mistakes. Check the essay format and all other guidelines that your professor recommends. 


Exemplification Essay Topics

The following are the great exemplification essay topics that help you in your topic-selection phase.

  • Dolphins are the most interesting mystery of nature.
  • How much of a reality TV show does not constitute reality?
  • Has GDPR helped to solve the data problem or just made things worse?
  • Can technology cause the extinction of manual labor jobs?
  • Should people sacrifice some of their privacy to get higher security?
  • The greatest discovery the human race has ever made.
  • Smart devices have changed the way people do physical exercise.
  • The dangers of childhood obesity American children will face as adults.
  • How to keep in touch with your family when studying abroad?
  • Any problem is an opportunity to become better.
  • Can immigration destroy a country’s economy?
  • How to address a coworker who undermines you.
  • How can antidepressants be harmful to underdeveloped children?
  • Why you should take Instagram comments seriously.
  • How are magazines making girls lose their confidence?
  • Can commuting actually decrease one’s feeling of happiness?
  • Should drugs be decriminalized?

Therefore, now pick the best essay topic from the list and start writing your essay. However, if you need professional writing help, hire an essay writer. Make sure they manage all your write my essay for me requests and help in your essay writing phase. 


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