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Outline for an Effective Compare and Contrast Essay - Guide

Analytical essays are one of the most frequently utilized  write my essay  types to critically explore and evaluate the target source. Unlike the popular perception, Analytical essays are not summaries of the text, rather they go deep into the context of the source and analyze the underlying idea behind the surface text. An analytical essay explores the message intended by the author in detail and also analyzes the textual components through which that message is communicated by the author.



Writing an analytical essay is not a child’s play. It involves breaking down the components of the text, critically evaluating them, and then organizing them in a coherent argument. Students, especially those who are new to academic writing greatly suffer in writing analytical essays. To ease this trouble, multiple platforms are offering their essay writing service. Using these services, you can get your sample essays written in no time.

Coming back to analytical essays, they are further divided into different types including cause and effect essays, compare and contrast essays, Classification essays, process essays, and so on. In the following section, we will narrow our focus to one specific type of analytical essay which compares and contrasts essays.  

In simpler terms, compare and contrast essays involve a detailed exploration of two different concepts side by side. The intention of writing a compare and contrast essay is to find similarities and the difference between the two ideas. However, writing these essays demands proper planning, research, and drafting of an outline before you begin the writing process.

In the following section, we have sketched a detailed outline for you using which you can create effective and impactful compare and contrast essays for yourself. Make sure to closely follow every component highlighted in the proper sequence. And you will be done with your essay in no time.

Importance of an Outline in Compare and Contrast Essays

The importance of an effective outline for compare and contrast essays can never be undermined. Since you are dealing with two different ideas, it is better to have all your target points outlined, focused on, and sequenced. For example, when I write essay for me, having an outline beforehand assures that no point gets skipped. Engaging all the target elements and bridging the connection between them also gets easy when you have an outline available.

Step-by-step Guide to Create Your Outline

  •         Introductory Paragraph

1-Start with a hook to kick-start your topic

Add an interesting quote, example, reference, etc., which relates to your topic. This will help you begin your topic.

2-Introduce Your Topic

Specify the subject/idea/concept/things which you are going to compare and contrast in your essay. Make sure that you have highlighted your focus components to compare and contrast. This provides an immediate introduction to your audience about your target topics or else consider a paper writing service.

3-Thesis Statement

Never forget to add an interesting thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph. You can highlight your intention for this comparison and the direction you are going to take in your compare and contrast essay.

  •         Body Paragraphs

  1.     Always divide your paragraph depending upon your points of comparison

  2.     Discuss one point per paragraph

  3.     Always begin with the topic sentence

  4.     Make sure you are clear in your comparison.

  5.     You can dedicate one paragraph for the similarities and the rest of the paragraphs for the contrasting points

  •         Conclusion

  1.     Highlight all the points discussed in a short summary

  2.     Relate all your points to the original thesis

  3. Tie everything together in a coherent manner

Once an  essay writer  is done with an outline, go back to your introductory paragraphs and start evaluating your outline. Identify whether you have discussed all the points comprehensively. Add the elements which you previously skipped. Once you are sure that all your main points are covered, start writing. Good luck.

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