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The Growing Need For Innovative Elementary School and Middle School Programs

It is known that one of the best ways to motivate students in school is by giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their own individual writing talents. Many times, this can be done through writing an essay. The only requirement is that the essay be filled out completely and correctly. All the same, writing essays can also serve as a vital component of the pre-school years. It helps children develop academic skills, as well as socialization skills, during these early years.

Individual writing talents

In-person teaching is important for many young children, who tend to require more intensive parental supervision during the course of the school year, researchers have said. And mounting scientific evidence has revealed that elementary schools aren't likely to drive down educational standards while adopting rigorous safety measures. "Essay-type curricula is probably the best way for elementary school students to learn how to write and read," says Dr. Joseph V. Angarella, a professor at Teachers College, Columbia University. "There's no better way to help children develop reading and writing skills than with professionally developed applications." Using software tools, designed for writing, such as Story Wizard, allows young writers to practice and improve their skills before moving on to longer assignments.

Challenge for teachers and educators

One challenge that teachers and educators face during the middle of the school year is that students have become used to moving through various subject areas, especially those requiring a more repetitive approach, such as mathematics or English, in order to score higher on standardized tests. This poses a problem for teachers when it comes to engaging with their students and developing meaningful conversations about academic topics. In order to address this need, test positivity rate programs, which integrate assessment with conversation and study strategies, have been developed for the purposes of improving essay writing. The key to creating essay-writing workshops that succeed in getting kids to think critically about issues that are relevant to them and their lives is to make sure that both teachers and administrators are participating.

Elementary schools

According to school officials in Rhode Island, officials from the state's public elementary schools met recently to discuss ways in which they could work more effectively together to provide their students with the resources they need to succeed academically. At the meeting, officials decided that by amassing multiple tool kits in the classroom, which all teach different aspects of reading and writing, teachers can work together to promote in-person study instead of simply outsourcing their research. By pooling the knowledge of individual teachers, these programs can give students a much better chance at passing their testing.

In a related move, officials in Rhode Island's Department of Education met last month to discuss the possibility of developing an in-person test positivity rate monitoring system in the classroom. These plans will allow educators to use real-time data from individual classrooms to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in subject matter. In the past, students were being tested only once a year by testing machines that were unreliable, had a short battery life, and often gave incorrect results. However, with the new software programs, educators will be able to generate reports instantly and print them out in real time, allowing parents and other administrators to view the reports anytime they would like.

Additional info

While many traditional elementary school students in Rhode Island have already switched over to in-person study, many districts continue to enforce the practice of in-person teaching. For these districts, the benefits of having their students present in the same room with a teacher are undeniable. Without the ability to hear a student's response to a textbook passage, or to ask a fellow student for help navigating a complicated lesson, many students get lost in the sea of textbook noise and leave class feeling less than satisfied with their learning experience. By creating a test tracking system that automatically sends personalized reports to parents or other administrators anytime a student's test scores drop, districts can ensure that their students receive personalized help with their academic work whenever it is needed.

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In addition to the benefits of personalized instruction from professional elementary school teachers, there are many financial benefits as well. With more teachers spending less time on individual classrooms and more time being spent at a computer or other device, more time is being used to teach students and less time is being wasted on routines such as cleaning classrooms and filing school records. In some cases, students can actually save money by taking tests online or receiving extra credit for previous work they have already completed.

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As technology continues to advance, it is expected that there will continue to be an increasing demand for high-quality educational materials in classrooms across the country. High-tech gadgets such as computers, iPads, and iPhones have only made it easier to learn, but high-priced textbooks and supplies have slowed down the process of acquiring knowledge and earning a degree. In some cases, middle schools and elementary schools will open up entire suites of classes dedicated to teaching students how to use high-tech educational products. With the influx of more middle school and elementary school students being taught at the same time, however, the quality of education may begin to decline. Personalized instruction and professional development programs are beginning to replace traditional methods as school districts, educators, and parents work to provide students with the best possible start in life and higher expectations.

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